4 Tips to Prepare for the Summers

Summer may appear to be a long time coming. However, before you realize it, you’ll have switched from heating to cooling. Your air conditioner will soon be cooling often to maintain comfortable temperatures. It’s a good idea to plan for the increased usage before the weather warms up.

Thus, it would be wise to take professional help from a company providing tune-up and repair services for air conditioning in Roanoke, VAand be prepared for the upcoming hot summer season with a well-tuned air conditioner. 

How to prepare for the air conditioning season?

Preparing your air conditioning unit for summer air conditioning requirements is not difficult, but it is necessary to ensure that the system performs efficiently throughout the summer heat. If your HVAC system isn’t maintained, it can use up to 30% more energy, which can drive up your power rates during peak season.

Cleaning and maintaining the filter

Filters clogged result in less cooling and higher electricity costs because the unit has to work more to keep your home cool. Because particles caught in dirty filters are pushed out with cooled air, they impact indoor air quality. They can also wreak havoc on the system. They easily collect dirt, dust, and other particles, so you should wash them frequently, particularly during summer HVAC maintenance. Replace the air filters regularly, such as once a month during the summer when heavily used.

Check for leaks and obstructions

Check the ducts and connections for open areas or damages since gaps or blockages in the ductwork can decrease air movement in the HVAC unit. Check the blower components because if they aren’t calibrated properly, the system’s efficiency declines significantly. Close the damper on your fireplace to prevent cool air from escaping and causing the HVAC to run longer to compensate. Check for cracks and leaks in the walls, doors, and windows and seal them immediately. 

Check the compressor

Clear any dirt, trash, or plant matter such as leaves and twigs from surrounding the outside unit regularly. Maintain a clean space around the compressor and air conditioning coils since accumulated debris can enter the system and cause harm. Even though the coils and condenser are indoors, they should be cleaned regularly. The added load on the system can cause overheating and shorten its lifespan if the outdoor unit isn’t kept clean.

Prepare the thermostat

Check the thermostat and furnace system settings, especially the beginning cycle, to see if they are working properly. Consider investing in an electric thermostat that allows you to automate multiple temperature settings throughout the day. This enables you to make the most efficient use of energy for summer air conditioning. To save energy, smart thermostats can turn on before you get home from work and turn off while no one is home. 

Instead of waiting for summers to find an AC contractor in Roanoke and delaying the tuneup for the last minute, it is better to be proactive. Book an appointment with one of the best AC contractors in Roanoke at Woods Family and get ready to beat the heat.