7 Effective Furnace Maintenance Tips for Winter Season

Furnaces require care and proper maintenance to perform smoothly to ensure they are reliable to heat your home during colder seasons. Exercising cautious measures can save your furnace from technical disasters which require comprehensive professional diagnosis. 

Neglected systems are prone to serious damages and costly repairs, so here is a list of wise preventive measures you can employ.

Timely maintenance 

With proactive preventive maintenance, you can prolong the life of your furnace while keeping expensive repairs at bay. Timely and advanced maintenance regarding furnace repair in Roanoke, VA, can save you from the need for repairs. 


Tangled or tight wires and exposure to the elements can irrevocably degrade your thermostat. Turn off the power and give the wires a slight pull to ensure that they are tight and properly fitted. Also, check for any visually obvious damages, leaks, or cracks. 

Lubricate the blower motor

Lubricate the bearings of the motor if your system employs the kind of motor that needs lubricating. After turning off the power, open the cover, followed by cleaning the caps covering the bearings. Finally, remove the caps to start lubrication. 

Eye test

A quick visual inspection reveals a lot about the status and maintenance requirements of your furnace. You can determine if you need a heater installation in Roanoke, VA, by evaluating different components. Ensure that the venting pipe in the gas furnace is securely fastened and angled. Similarly, check the other tubes like drainage tubes that may serve different components and scrutinize your air filter’s status as well.


A dirty furnace consumes more energy and power to perform, therefore ensure to clean your furnace regularly to prevent costly furnace repair in Roanoke, VA. Solid accumulation of dust and debris can reduce the performance to suboptimal or, in some cases, even zero. Without impairing the furnace’s interiors, gently clean the inner components to loosen stubborn particles. 

Test or install carbon monoxide detectors 

A carbon monoxide detector should accompany your gas furnace as it is the warrior against the ‘silent killer’. Like smoke detectors, replace the batteries every six months and test the detector for optimal efficiency. 

Keep the drainage tube clear 

Water can leak out of the unit into a drip pan through drainage tubes in gas and propane-powered furnaces. The flame sensor can be damaged by backed-up water if the drainage tube gets clogged, ultimately shutting down the furnace. 

Any filmy build-up in the tube can be prevented or cleared by pouring a cup of white vinegar into it. You can also use compressed air to clear the tube of debris by detaching the drain tube from the manifold.

Reaching out for professional assistance and consultation on your furnace is a guaranteed measure, head to Woods Family today for a thorough inspection and affordable service. Contact us at (540) 992-3944 to avail quality expert solutions for heater replacement at Roanoke, VA, and tune-ups instantly. For more details, drop us a mail at [email protected].