Are Variable Speed Furnaces Worth The Extra Cost?

Variable Speed Furnaces Worth The Extra Cost

There are many different heating systems available on the market today. The many available options often confuse people in what could be the best for their home. You’re probably familiar with the variable speed heat system or two-stage heat system, but you might not be sure what they are.  

Today’s furnaces deliver optimum comfort levels and high levels of energy efficiency in homes worldwide. Using variable speed furnaces, you can save energy and ensure better indoor air quality while decreasing energy consumption.

With a variable furnace speed, you can control how much hot air is circulated in your home. Traditional furnaces run at a constant speed, but a variable furnace’s speed motor runs at multiple levels, so the warm air varies.

Despite the high upfront costs, most consumers find that variable speed furnaces are worth it over single-speed and single-stage furnaces. When it comes to simplicity and convenience, a variable-speed furnace worth the extra cost can simplify your life at home. 

You can set the temperature in your home automatically with variable-speed furnaces worth the extra cost.

Why choose variable speed furnaces?

The cost of a variable speed furnace is a considerable investment. If you plan to purchase a new furnace shortly, you should carefully consider your long-term goals. 

The following will provide you with an overview of the benefits and how a variable speed furnace can potentially save you money.

Savings on energy bills

Most homes can meet about 80% of their heating needs using variable-speed furnaces that operate at lower speeds, dramatically lowering overall energy bills.

Ensures comfort

A variable-speed furnace warms the room more evenly by running for longer periods at lower speeds. This eliminates temperature swings in your house and prevents cold spots. 

Higher indoor air quality

Your home’s air quality will improve. With a longer cycle, the air in your house will be filtered more frequently, resulting in better air quality and better air filtration.

Less wear and tear

Single-speed systems have to shut off and on so frequently, so they wear out more easily, while variable speed systems operating at lower speeds can increase motor longevity by placing less strain on the motor.

Less noise

Variable speed systems maintain temperatures at a lower setting. Using a motor that runs at a slower speed makes much less noise, so you can live in a more peaceful environment.

There is no question that variable speed furnaces are more efficient than traditional models. Each homeowner’s situation differs, however. To determine if heater service Roanoke VA is a smart move, you need to review your home and furnace’s features. 

Examine your current furnace’s efficiency. A variable speed furnace may be worth considering if your furnace is old, inefficient, or a single-speed model. By upgrading to a variable speed furnace, you can save on your utility bills each year.

Variable-speed furnaces worth the extra cost can provide a lot of benefits to heating and air conditioning in Roanoke, VA. Just ensure your furnace is installed by a competent technician. Get in touch with Woods Family to learn more about variable speed furnaces or for furnace repair Roanoke VA or more.