Do the UV Lights in Your HVAC Unit Kill Viruses?

The pandemic has brought attention to UV lights, though the technology is over a century old. These devices emit shortwave radiation (UV-C), which is most effective at eliminating mold, bacteria, and viruses. UV Lights improve the qualities of air in buildings when properly placed and maintained within an HVAC system. Most of the companies offering heating and air conditioning in Roanoke, VA, also stress the significance of having UV lights installed in the HVAC system to prevent the entry of viruses and germs. 

Are UV lights effective against viruses?

Viruses and bacteria are killed by the radiation contained in broad-spectrum UV-C light. The lights are used to disinfect surfaces and equipment in restaurants, grocery stores, and hospitals. Although, it is noteworthy that direct UV-C light exposure is extremely harmful and should only be done by professionals. Thus, it is better to hire a technician from one of the best AC companies in Roanoke and get a UV light installed. 

How do UV lights help keep your space contamination-free?

Disinfection of the ductwork

This procedure disinfects the air stream and ductwork within a building or in between rooms. The UV-C light and ductwork are designed and arranged to expose fast-flowing air to the strongest radiation possible for as long as possible. Because the microorganisms are destroyed as they enter the air stream, this is the most effective way for eradicating airborne diseases caused due to viruses, bacteria, or fungus.

Sterilization of surfaces

This UV treatment is intended to prevent and eliminate microbial growth on air coils and their surrounding surfaces. This type of UV system may easily be put in HVAC systems to aid he cleaning the system and the quality of the indoor air. When bacteria enter the air stream, this approach is the least effective. It works best to kill germs and fungi that would otherwise grow within the coils and surface if UV-C light wasn’t present.

Why do you need UV lights for your HVAC system?

When installed by a professional from AC companies in Roanoke, UV lights can prove to be beneficial for everyone. However, getting the UV lights becomes necessary if you or someone from your home suffers from allergies, asthma, COPD, or a weakened immune system. 

Apart from this, having UV lights for sterilization of your HVAC units also helps improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit and the overall airflow because of the thorough cleaning action of the UV lights. This, in turn, increases the air quality within your home, thus improving comfort and your health. 

UV lights for the duct system also reduce the chances of clogged ducts or condensation in the ducts that lead to rusting and buildup. Clean air ducts and surfaces, along with improved efficiency, also reduce the power consumption and turn the electricity bills. 


Thus, getting UV lights installed for your HVAC system is a wise investment. It not only kills the disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and fungus but also improves the overall air quality of your home. Book an appointment with Woods Family on our website and get UV lights installed for your HVAC system from one of the best AC companies in Roanoke.