How Do You Know If Your HVAC is Broken?

An HVAC is an integral part of most American homes. That is why many people use heating and air conditioning in Roanoke, VA. It is common for most people to take an air conditioner for granted.

It can become unbearable if the HVAC unit breaks down during the summer months. However, a broken HVAC does not always require a new air conditioner. You can try looking for several signs to help determine if the HVAC is broken or needs repairs.

As summer approaches, you should ensure that the air conditioner is prepared to keep you cool during the hottest part of the year. The same thing goes for furnaces and cold winter months. However, if you see any of the following signs, you will likely require a heating and air conditioning repair in Roanoke, VA:

Warm Air from the Vents

If the air coming out from the vents feels more like heat during summer, the HVAC might have a problem. You must also check the AC compressor or the thermostat to see if they are set at the correct temperatures.

Strange Noises from the System

It may be normal for you to hear a little noise whenever the HVAC system is turned on or off. However, loud, rattling noises mean something is wrong. Sometimes you may also hear a persistent buzzing that hints that you need to hire a furnace repair in Roanoke, VA.

Increase in Bills

You may notice that your electricity bill seems higher than normal. It may be due to the inefficient functionalities of the HVAC system. The reasons behind the hike in bills can range from a worn-out part or a leak that causes the system to malfunction.

Insufficient or Poor Airflow

Varied or poor airflow is a significant sign that the air conditioner or furnace is not working efficiently, or a blockage prevents the free flow. You can try checking the energy-recovery ventilator to determine what has caused insufficient airflow inside the house.

Water Leakage

If you notice an active leak or pooled water near the HVAC system, it is a sign that the heating or cooling system is not running properly. Air conditioners may produce condensation when operating, but the water should not accumulate inside homes.

Bad or Odd Odor

If you smell something unpleasant when you turn on the HVAC, you could have bacterial growth problems. There may be a possibility of some buildup around the ducting that causes a foul smell. All such signs mean that the system needs a tune-up and thorough cleaning.

Frequent Cycles

You should be aware that the HVAC system goes on and off in short cycles. The problem may persist in any season and requires detailed attention. You can contact us so we can send out a furnace repair technician in Roanoke, VA, to check and resolve the frequent cycling process that may disrupt the system’s functioning.

High Humidity

An efficient cooling system must keep moisture levels within a comfortable range. So, if the HVAC system cannot automatically moderate the humidity levels inside the home, it is a warning sign that it needs repair.

Bottom Line

If you notice any of the above warning signs in your HVAC system, you must contact our technicians, that specialize in AC or heat pump repair in Roanoke, VA. Our professionals specialize in HVAC installation and repair services and can assist you in checking if the system requires repair. Additionally, it would be best to have your system tuned up and cleaned regularly.

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