Prepare Your HVAC Unit for the Winter with Easy Preventive Maintenance Steps

HVAC Unit for the Winter

The changing season provides an excellent opportunity for the homeowners to save on their HVAC costs by temporarily powering down the unit and opening their windows. But it will soon be the time to turn on the heat. Is your system ready to handle the winter this season? Well, regular preventive maintenance can help your system to keep pace with seasonal temperature changes. Plus, it can increase the performance of your HVAC system and avoid costly emergency repairs. Here we have listed 5 easy steps to ensure that your heater replacement Roanoke VA, run at peak efficiency.

5 Easy Steps to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for the Winter 

Power Down 

Before performing any maintenance or repair work, you need to ensure that there is no power supply to your heating and air conditioning in Roanoke, VA. Turn off the power and wait for the blower to stop before you proceed to the next maintenance steps.

Replace the Filters 

Replacing the filters is probably the easiest maintenance task you can perform at home, without any professional guidance. Thus, before opting for any other maintenance task, let’s start with replacing the air filters. Dirty air filters are the primary cause behind a raised electricity bill. This is because clogged filters make your system work harder to provide sufficient warmth inside your home. Every HVAC manufacturer recommends changing the air filters every 30 to 60 days. So, if you haven’t changed the air filters for a long time now, do it right away.

Run a Sound Check 

If you want to find out which is the quietest home appliance you can have, it is your heating and air conditioning system in Roanoke, VA. Your HVAC is a perfect example of “you can keep calm while working efficiently.” This means that until you hear any sound from your HVAC unit, it is working correctly. If you turn on your unit and find unusual sounds like rattling or squeaking, there must be some problem with your HVAC system. You need to ask a professional HVAC technician to detect the reason behind the sound and fix it.

Look for Moisture Signs 

If you can find any sign of moisture on the window panels or any component of your HVAC system, it indicates that your unit is operating improperly. Moisture buildup needs immediate attention to prevent your system from major breakdown or damage.

Check the Room Temperature Setting 

The last step is to check your thermostat. Your thermostat is the mother control of your heating and air conditioning Roanoke VA. To get the most of your HVAC unit, you need to make sure that your thermostat is operating correctly. You need to check if you are getting the expected temperature throughout your home.

If you find any unusual signs such as ear-piercing noise, damaged body parts, etc. during your basic checklist run down, it implies that your unit is not functioning correctly. Contact a certified HVAC technician soon. Woods Family Heating and Air provides dependable HVAC maintenance for heater installation Roanoke VA and makes sure that your system is running at peak capacity.