Should You Upgrade Your HVAC for a Home Addition?

Making additions to your home might be required for various purposes. You might be constructing a second bedroom in the house, increasing the kitchen and dining space, adding a guest room or a game room. The main thing is that you are increasing the square feet area of your home. In the majority of the cases, home additions have proved to be useful. In fact, these additions add to the curb appeal as well as to the valuation of a property. However, there is one thing that needs careful consideration after home addition and that is understanding the heating and cooling requirements of the newly added space. Homeowners are often confused if they need to upgrade the HVAC system or the air conditioner of their home for the new space. An experienced AC companies Roanoke VA will be able to help in this matter for sure.

 Condition 1: No requirement of any up-gradation of the HVAC system

In this case, you have to understand that the home addition will be just enlarging an existing space. No new rooms will be built into the structure. If this happens, then there is no need for upgrading your HVAC system. Generally, when we purchase an HVAC system, it is oversized and has the capacity of heating and cooling a slightly larger space comfortably. Hire a professional technician and carry out the load calculation of the HVAC system. This will give you a clear idea of whether your HVAC system will be able to heat and cool the entire home, even after making additions or any kinds of modifications.

Condition 2: Up-gradation required for the HVAC system

If your home addition is not getting enough heating and cooling from the existing HVAC system, it is important to think of what could be done. One way of handling the situation is by extending the ductwork from the current forced-air unit. This will help in delivering heat and cooling to the additional space in the home. If baseboard heaters and radiators are used, hot water piping can be extended easily into the new area without much hassle.

However, for adding water piping or ductwork, you might need to install the HVAC equipment. This is mainly to be done for managing a bigger load. If you are worried about increased electrical consumption for the newly installed HVAC system, you have to think of a new electrical panel. If HVAC replacement is in your mind, this will be an excellent solution for the same.

Condition 3: Getting a ductless mini-split HVAC system

If installing a new HVAC system is not possible for the whole house, you can think of covering just the extra area with an independent HVAC system. How? This is possible with ductless mini-split HVAC systems. There are two parts of this system—an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Like a central heat pump, mini-split HVAC systems offer both air conditioning Roanoke, VA and heating for a long period of time from single equipment.

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