AC Service In Roanoke, VA

AC Service In Roanoke, Botetourt, VA and Surrounding Areas

AC Service In Roanoke, Botetourt, VA and Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioning Service – Servicing the Roanoke, Botetourt, VA and Surrounding Areas.

Maintenance services maintain the optimal condition of the AC system and can deliver the best services to retain your comfort and convenience indoors. Without the help of maintenance, your AC system may fall prey to expensive repairs.  

What are the AC problems that happen due to lack of maintenance service? 

Service providers who perform heating and air conditioning in Roanoke, VA, have prepared a list of repairs that have a fair chance of happening to your HVAC system: 

Compressor failure 

It is one of the most expensive components in the assembly of an AC system. And if the compressor breaks down, you have other options left other than to replace the compressor or the entire AC system. 

Compressor failure cannot happen suddenly, but when a repair gets ignored for a long time. Dirty air filters, condenser coils, refrigerant leaks, and electrical issues can be some reasons that can lead to the breakdown of the AC system. 

Drainage issues 

A clogged condensate drain or broken condensate pan can increase the chances of water leakage from the AC unit. Water leakage from the AC is normal, but it becomes quite a problem when the leakage quantity increases.

Detection issue 

The thermostat sensor behind the control panel detects the air temperature coming from the evaporator coil. However, for some reason, the AC will start behaving weirdly if it gets misplace or out of its position. 

The thermostat maintains a balance between the room temperature and the thermostat set temperature. If there is a variation in the temperatures, the compressor starts working to maintain it. If there is temperature misreading, the cooling cycle will work constantly, or a short cycling issue. 

These issues can lead to a massive problem if not resolved quickly by calling the heating and air conditioning experts in Roanoke, VA. 

Electrical Control issues 

Issues with the electrical connection may lead to sparking, complete shutdown, or AC fuse breaking on several occasions. Electrical issues should be taken lightly as it is hazardous to play with and can cause harm to life if handled carelessly. 

Duct system issues 

Loose pipes, holes, or cracks in the duct system will dissipate the processed air in the atmosphere. You will complain regarding less-efficient services from the system, but your AC is working at maximum capacity. 

What is the difference between AC tune-up and maintenance service?  

Maintenance services check all the aspects of the AC system and perform necessary services to prevent repairs and maintain the quality of services. It includes oiling and greasing the AC components, cleaning the AC unit thoroughly, and replacing a faulty AC part. 

However, tune-up services are calls. when the AC quality services decrease. So, actions are carried out by the AC service technician in Roanoke, VA, to enhance the services by looking at the system for any repairs. 

How often should the AC service maintains? 

AC maintenance should occur twice a year to ensure it works appropriately for the whole year. You can get maintenance and other AC services at affordable prices at Woods Family Air Conditioning and Heating in Roanoke. Call (540)-992-3944 to hire a technician for your AC system.