How do I know if my AC is low on Freon?

The air conditioner has become a necessity in many households. The AC is low relieves us in Hot and humid climates and helps us stay focused on our goals. But What if our air conditioner stops working efficiently? It is usually if the person finds his way out of the air conditioner.

The freon is the main component in the air conditioner that helps to provide chilled air. It is fireproof refrigerant gas molded and sealed in the cooling pipes of the AC and other cooling appliances. However, freon lasts forever unless there is a leak in the mound and it finds its way out of the containers.

It can be easily visible if our air conditioner runs low on freon. The air conditioner will not cool the room as it used to. However, it is mandatory to check the freon content in the equipment because the loss of this refrigerant gas can lead to serious damage to the compressor or entire unit. Moreover, it will further lead to expensive replacement and repair. Nevertheless, if our air conditioner runs out, the freon will reflect the following symptoms.

The air conditioner needs Freon refills!

Since the climate gets insanely hot and humid, one can’t imagine living without air conditioning in Roanoke, VA. In such conditions, if you don’t want your cooling equipment to shut down, then keep a check on its refrigerant gas. However, lack of refrigerant gas results in the following problems:

Not enough cool air

With adequate freon, your air conditioner cannot convert your home’s warm air into the chilled air. This means the air blown out from the air conditioner will be warmer than usual. However, there might be some cases where the air conditioner will release less air or no air from the vents.

Block of ice on the vents:

An air conditioner with insufficient refrigerant gas can cause ice build-up from the referent line to the outside of the unit. Moreover, the ice build-up inside the air conditioner reduces the airflow blown out of the ducts. However, if this ice build-up didn’t rectify on time, it can cause serious and expensive damage to the entire unit.

The room never cools down:

If your air conditioner runs out of Freon, it will never cool down your room or house even after running the entire day because the main gas that converts normal air into cool air is missing from the equipment. However, an air conditioner will never cool down the space without a freon.

Higher electricity bills:

Due to the absence of cooling gas from the AC, the ac will never cool down the space, and we will run it 24*7 for cooling. Moreover, adequate gas will result in higher power consumption and electricity bills.

Unpleasant sound from the AC:

If you can hear a bubbling or fizzing sound from the air conditioning duct, it might be because of adequate freon gas in the Air conditioner.

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