How Exactly Does the Cold Affects Your Furnace?

The dark and chilly winter months don’t have to be depressing; they may be a wonderful time of year if you have a warm house to return to. Your friendly and comfy chamber may make all the difference in the winter, but if your furnace breaks down, it’s a different story. These are a few of the most prevalent furnace issues in the winter, which can be fixed by our furnace repair in Roanoke, VA area. Mentioned below are some of the signs related to furnace problems in cold weather:

Blowing only cold air

Some of the most frequent furnace difficulties in the winter are caused by clogged or extremely unclean filters. Filters that are clogged obstruct the free passage of air, forcing your furnace to work harder. This is terrible for business, but it also means your house will be colder for longer. Ensure that the filters are examined regularly by our furnace repair experts in the Roanoke VA area. Every 1-3 months, they should be cleaned or changed. If you’re unsure, ask one of our experts to teach you how to clean and adjust your filters.

It might also be an issue with your air ducts if your heater only blows chilly air. They may be inefficiently insulated, resulting in uneven airflow, and they will need to be sealed.

Inconsistent airflow

If parts of your house’s rooms are cold while others are comfortably warm, airflow is probably uneven because the improper system was installed for your property or the air ducts need to be cleaned. Inconsistencies in room temperatures might suggest insulation and draft issues and the entry of cold air rather than a problem with your furnace. However, airflow may be the issue if there are no insulation difficulties, and the vents may need to be adjusted. Consult an expert to determine the source of the problem.

Cycling too much

If your furnace regularly turns on and off, it might be due to a clogged filter, obstructed airflow, or an incorrect thermostat setting. It may also indicate that your home is leaking air.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas.

This has the potential to be a very significant problem. To prevent carbon monoxide leakage, you must install a carbon monoxide detector. If your furnace is olds, it may have developed minute gaps through which this deadly gas might enter your home. Consult a specialist from our heater replacement Roanoke, VA area if there is a leak.

Heat & power losses

In the dead of winters, this one is simple to identify. The issue might be a power outage, a malfunctioning pilot light, or a faulty ignition system. Anything to deal with faulty pilot lights and ignition systems needs the assistance of a professional from our heater installation in Roanoke, VA area.

The furnace isn’t turning on.

This is likely to be determined by the age of the unit and how well it has been cared for. Ensure the thermostat is set to “heat” and the fans is set to “auto.” Look at the breaker box to discover whether your circuit breaker has tripped.

Our staff has your furnace tested and serviced before the cold weather arrives to prevent most winter troubles. Our knowledge and experience will ensure that your heater runs well all winter. Just call Woods Family at (540) 992-3944.