How Long Should a Furnace Take To Warms Up?

How Long Does It Take For A Furnace To Start?

Some older furnaces have been known to take up to an hour to heat up. That’s an extreme example, but if a situation like this happens, it may lead to long waiting times. It would be wised to have a professional HVAC technician from our heater service in Roanoke, VA area inspect the furnace, particularly its ignition system, as soon as possible.

If a furnace takes too long to turn on, it’s a sign that something is wrong. If you want to make sure your furnace is in working condition before winter comes, you should ask yourself how long it should take to switch on. Homeowners may ask a few more basic questions to determine if their HVAC system is broken.

The following should be included in these inquiries:

  • Is it conceivable that the sounds coming from my heater aren’t normal?
  • Is my house’s heat distributed evenly?
  • Is my HVAC system’s heated air hot when it leaves the vents?

Suppose you detect weird sounds, uneven heat, or cooler-than-normal air coming from your vents. In that case, you should contact an HVAC professional from our heater service in the Roanoke VA area immediately. As you already know, Sacramento has a damp and chilly winter; although it doesn’t snow or freeze very frequently, it does remain cold for many months. You don’t want to ponder these issues and hope for the best. Our strong recommendation is to get professional assistance right now!

How to avoid common furnace issues and get it to turn on quickly

  • Vents should be cleaned: Debris may accumulate in your HVAC unit during the dusty summer months while working hard. To guarantee optimum ventilation, inspect all your vents for debris or build-up and clean them out. This will help prevent dust from spreading throughout your house.
  • Replace the filer: One of the simplest methods to ensure that your HVAC system functions well is to install a new air filter. When filters clog, the whole system becomes clogged, and your furnace has to work harder, putting needless pressure on your furnace. Replace your filter every 2-3 months, or have your favorite HVAC maintenance professional from our furnace repair in Roanoke, VA area sign you up for a worry-free plan that covers this service automatically.
  • Check and adjust your thermostat: If it is programmable, make sure it’s set for the year’s cooler months. If it isn’t, you should consider replacing it with a smart programmable thermostat, which you can configure to follow your schedule and reduce the temperature while you aren’t at home. This will lengthen the life of your system, but it will also improve your energy efficiency and help you save money.

The easiest method to achieve it is to ensure you don’t forget to get your furnace serviced every year. We can put you on a simple furnace maintenance program at Woods Family. It’s simple since you don’t have to memorize anything! Our qualified HVAC technicians from our furnace repair in the Roanoke VA area would be pleased to inspect your furnace each year before the cold and wet season arrives. So you can wrap up in a sweater and relax in a warm house, knowing that your furnace is also happy and healthy. Just call Woods Family at (540) 992-3944.