It’s Spring! Time to maintain your air conditioner

With the temperature rising to 30° in summers in Roanoke, VA, you wouldn’t want to take the risk of your AC breaking down in the middle of the night. The hot and humid weather would not only hamper your good sleep, take away peace of your mind but can lead to many health issues as well.  

Did you know that a recent study showed that urban areas generally have 1-7 degrees temperature higher than outlying areas? Yes! Many studies also found that temperature in Roanoke and all over the US is rising every year. Now, this is a reasonable reason why you must hire an expert for air conditioning Roanoke, VA services without a second thought.  

How can you benefit from an AC maintenance service?

Maintenance of Air conditioner makes it durable and lasting!

Today it’s affordable and easy to hire an AC contractor in Roanoke for servicing your AC unit. These HVAC expert companies have skilled and qualified techs who can provide proper AC maintenance plus installation, repair, and replacement services. They can solve every minor and major problem related to air conditioners and guarantee that your AC will not breakdown in time of need.

Bonus Energy Savings is a guarantee with AC services

Fun fact- You can save up to 20 to 40 per cent of cooling energy costs by installing a newer efficient model! But what if you can make your existing AC more efficient wouldn’t you love that? Fortunately, professional AC contractor Roanoke helps you take preventative measures to keep your AC working at optimum capacity. With an effective cooling service, the HVAC experts help your cooling system conserve energy. 

Plus, they offer you a comprehensive AC service that includes cleaning blades, ducts, cooling coils, thermostat checks, and other components. Now, this ensures increased energy efficiency and saves you money on utility bills.

Get 100% Comfort in time of need

With technological advancements cooling systems use 30% to 50% less energy to generate the same amount of cooling as those ACs made a few decades ago. However, when dirt, dust, and debris settle around an AC unit, clogged filters let air contaminants pass through, reducing the indoor air quality. Now, this increases the risk of allergies and breathing complications. Therefore, it’s better to opt for air conditioning Roanoke VA services than to risk the safety of your loved ones.

Protect cooling System Parts for an extended period

We all know that installing a new air conditioner can be costly. So why not go for regular servicing and extend your air conditioning system’s life. Scheduling annual check-ups will keep the valuable parts of your AC up and running, minimizing the chance of unexpected repairs. 

Maintenance is crucial in the case of HVAC systems. Not only does it reduce power bills, but it provides actual results as far as cooling your home is concerned. Therefore, you must hire an air conditioning Roanoke, VA service expert to enjoy the summers stress-free. Contact Woods Family for offers and discounts now! We have all the cooling services that you are looking for now.