Know When To Service Your Heater

In today’s era heaters have become a must-have in homes, offices, and commercial places. People are saved from the chilling cold and can adjust the temperature and humidity as per their needs. The heater has served as the biggest lifesaver and has increased the comfort and efficiency of people.

Everyone wants comfort, and a heater/furnace repair Roanoke provides it in the best possible way. But you be diligent toward your heater, like any other machine that looks tough and sturdy from the outside but has delicate parts inside. And like any other machine or equipment, it also needs routine maintenance and servicing; otherwise, it will lose its efficacy and in the long run to repairs and replacement. It’s like a stitch in time saves nine.

The heating system needs servicing at least once a year, no matter what kind you have. The best time for servicing a heater is fall as it remains shut for a long time and has accumulated a lot of dust and dirt. 

Following things give us insight that our system is not performing as it is supposed to be and needs service:

High Power Bills

An inefficient heating system consumes more power in a short period as it has to work twice as hard to deliver the same results, and it will reflect on your electricity or gas bills. It will also take longer for the heating system to warm up the whole house. When the power bills begin to go like a bat out of hell, look for servicing as soon as you can, otherwise, you will need to replace the whole system.

Noise and Smell

Your heating equipment and furnaces can also start emitting strange noises like an old car, rickety and loud. Unserviced heating systems may rattle, bang and creak all through the house. They also have a strange smell which causes much uneasiness. The electrical linings and pipings that run alongside your heating vents may also be in danger at this point, so be quick to call your repair guys.

Short Cycles

When your heater goes on and off in regular intervals, it is called short cycling and is usually regulated by the thermostat. Defective thermostats can prompt many problems, but we may not notice it until it’s much too late. If your heating system seems to be going on and off frequently, it could indicate a serious malfunction inside that could potentially be a fire hazard.

Low Quality of Air

People develop health issues due to the inadvertent inhalation of carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases emitted by faulty heating systems. If you do not change the air filters, pipes and thermostats frequently, this slow poisoning can even develop into a fire hazard, which is the more reason to contact a heater service Roanoke VA.

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