Signs Your Heating Equipment Needs Repair

On cold winter days, the last thing you want is a broken-down heater. Regular usage causes gradual degradation of your delicate equipment, which can land into uncomfortable issues. Therefore it is crucial to pay attention to the tell-tale signs for repair. 

Below is a compilation of some of the most obvious signs for a repair, and if they align with your equipment, contact heater service at Roanoke, VA, for a thorough inspection. 

Foul smell

While the smell of dust burning off is normal in a heating system, a displeasing persistent odor may cause concern. Damaged or burnt parts could lead to a distinct foul smell rising from the vents. You can try changing your air filters since a lot of accumulated dirt and debris can stink. Call for heater service in Roanoke, VA instantly if the smell persists or if you recognize burning plastic or rubber.

Hike in bills

Even though utility companies can alter their rates, an inexplicable rise in your gas bills could be due to your malfunctioning heating systems, such as leakages or clogs. If your furnace has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house, it will inevitably perform less efficiently and consume more energy. 

A sudden hike in your energy bills could be a clear call for a technical inspection to check if it is time for a new heater installation in Roanoke, VA

Absurd sounds

Different unusual sounds can indicate respective issues in your heating unit, and squealing can indicate motor bearings issues. Similarly, if your blower assembly or motor needs some checking, you may hear rattling sounds, or there could be other reasons such as an ignition problem or a deteriorated belt or loose bearing. Unless you have rats, the unusual sounds are a call for professional repair. 

Uneven heat 

If you notice uneven cold spots around your home, it may be due to faulty heating parts and thermostat issues. Adding a layer of insulation around your doors and windows might help, but if you still experience the problem while walking around the house with all ducts open, you need to realize the need for repair. 

Yellow burner flame

Another furnace malfunctioning tip-off could be the appearance of yellow light gas burner flame instead of blue. This yellow light is a serious indication of carbon monoxide inside your house that can be a metabolic poison when accumulated. Hence do not hesitate to call for immediate heater service roanoke VA with such signs.

Short cycles

Short cycling is when your system intermittently goes on and off due to the exchanger overheating. The thermostat regulates your home temperature. However, this fluctuation is a sign of a damaged heating system. The consequence of overheating causes the whole system to shut down, which is why your furnace constantly goes on and off. 

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