What Should Routine HVAC Maintenance Include?

One of the most brilliant ways to save money when owning a home is to perform routine heating and air conditioning maintenance in Roanoke, VA. Maintenance keeps your systems operating at their best yearly, saving you money on heating and cooling expenses. A system that receives regular maintenance will also encounter significantly fewer malfunctions, decreasing the necessity and cost of unneeded repairs.

What should routine HVAC maintenance cover?

A tune-up for your HVAC system entails inspecting all its vital parts and, if necessary, adjusting, cleaning, testing, and lubricating them. Our HVAC maintenance list includes the following duties:

  1. Locating and removing any obstructions in the air intake grilles and vent system.
  2. Looking for corrosion or degradation in the heat exchanger.
  3. Eliminate any debris, clean the blower, and read it.
  4. Testing and inspecting the blower motor’s amp draw.
  5. Examining electrical connections, tightening them as necessary, and repairing any damaged wire.
  6. The burner and the flame sensor are being inspected.
  7. Looking the belts for any indications of corrosion or damage.
  8. Checking and calibrating the thermostat as necessary.
  9. Maintaining the lubrication of the heating system’s functional components.
    You should inspect, clean, and replace the air filter as required.
    Examining and testing are done on the system’s safety controls and initial cycle.

Additional steps are included in the maintenance service if you have an oil or gas furnace:

  • Investigations into fuel line leaks are ongoing.
  • Examinations and tests are conducted on the burner, gas pressure, and pilot light.
  • Checking the thermocouples.

Our professionals also check the amperes and voltages of your blower motor, condenser fan motor, and compressor to ensure there are no indications of wear or potential problems in heating and air conditioning in Roanoke, VA. Our professionals are qualified to identify the cause of an over-amping motor or compressor, solve the issue, and avoid further problems. Additionally, to minimize unnecessary service visits, our professionals check that all electrical connections are tightened. They also clear all condensate lines to guard against potential leaks in the future.

Advantages of regular HVAC maintenance:

Extend the life of the device

Better HVAC systems are an investment, so you want them to last as long as possible. Professional heater service in Roanoke, VA, extends the life of your appliance, enabling you to obtain a more significant return on your HVAC investment.


When your HVAC is operating at peak efficiency, it doesn’t have to work as hard to provide the same amount of temperature. Saving money is made possible by efficiency. Regular heater service in Roanoke, VA, also reduces the possibility of future expensive repairs or replacements.

Protects the family

HVAC systems are built with the ability to emit carbon monoxide into the exhaust as part of their regular operation. Additionally, an exhaust system must expel carbon monoxide from your house.

Lessen the likelihood of failure

Having a heater service in Roanoke, VA expert inspecting your equipment once a year ensures that any defective parts are found and changed. Experts will also examine the electrical lines and will lubricate any necessary portions. A professional can inform you if something is an issue and if it is okay to continue for another year.

To sum up

Maintenance services are not just available for these things. In actuality, ours typically examines much smaller components. With any service, the objective is to increase performance, prolong the life of your system, and ultimately save you money.

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